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Septic truck Septic service
  • Schedule regular maintenance.

  • Use liquid detergents.

  • Know the location of your septic tank and components.

  • Keep records of service or maintenance to your system.

  • Use environmentally safe products.

  • Use water sparingly and conserve. Avoid long showers and spread out laundry.

  • Divert roof drains and surface water away from septic systems.

  • Repair running toilets.

Do this:

Don't do this:

  • Dispose cigarette filters, feminine products, baby wipes, paper towels, cat litter, cooking grease or paint down drains or toilets.

  • Use drain cleaners - they kill "good" bacteria needed in your system to break down solids naturally.

  • Use powdered detergents. They don't break down and can re-solidify.

  • Do more than a couple loads of laundry a day.

  • Use a garbage disposal.

  • Allow anyone to drive or park over any part of the system.

  • Plant large shrubbery around your system including the lines running from your home. Roots can grow into the lines and tanks themselves and clog or destroy them.

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Helpful advice to prolong the life and service of your septic system